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Our Approach

After years of trying to address the many ills associated with corporate factory meat farms, we have given up. The corporations, including those owned by communist China (Smithfield Foods) and foreign multinationals like Brazil’s massive JBL, just have too much money. And our politicians have too low a price tag.

So we have formed this group to organize a world wide boycott of the CAFO pork produced by these greedy, polluting, cruel corporate giants.

The bottom line … it’s the only line they care about ..

Our Hope

We use the principles and guidelines described in the Community Toolbox provided by Kansas University to build this campaign. We welcome support! If you can help spread the word via Social Media, please talk to us – we’re looking for motivated team members from every state in the US as well as key counties worldwide.

If you speak Chinese or Spanish we REALLY need your help 🙂

Thank you so much –

Meet the Team

This is actually a fictional team. Many of our volunteers live and work in hog country. Exposing them in any way could lead to retribution and intimidation. This is no joke! People who have had the courage to speak against the abuses of corporate pork have had to face all manner of threats from these corporate bullies.

It is for this reason that we will keep the identities of anyone working with us secret. We will show you how to create a securely anonymous social media presence, anonymous phone number and any other privacy you need.

Its simple to do, and may be important.


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Regan may live in a metro area that is being inundated with polluted water, much of it originating in hog country. She might be sick of paying for China’s hog pollution while the communists, protected by our State legislators, skate away with the profits. And who knows, maybe Regan will be running for State office one day soon. If not for herself, then for her kids.


Eric Teagan

Vice President

Eric probably graduated with a degree in political science from an underfunded State university, governed by a Board of Regents that is headed by one of the most abusive hog farmers in his home State. It probably burns Eric’s butt that this Regents head (and huge polluter and abuser) is also the biggest single donor to the Republican Party in his plutocratic State.


Timothy Barrett

Field Organization Chief

Timothy could easily be from North Carolina where he watched the quality of his family’s life and the value of their home destroyed by a corporate factory farm that was built while he was in high school. It surely infuriated him as politicians turned a deaf ear while having their palms greased by corporate hog producers. Like so many of us, Tim probably plans to do whatever he can to fight these rotten, greedy bastards.

Next Steps…

There is no bigger abuser in our global food industry than the multinational corporate pork industry. So many people in the US have suffered hugely at their hands. Homes have become unlivable from the rotting, putrid smells and flies. Air and water have become so polluted it will literally kill you. Life saving antibiotics have been rendered useless forever, once naturally organic, now hogs are routinely injected with dangerous steroids, and communities are spending hundreds of millions protecting themselves from their poison.

Can you help us change the world?

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