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Boycott Hunger

American ag industry likes to brag that they “feed the world”. But the reality is far from it.

While the earth’s population is on course to hit 9 billion by mid-century, the commodity growers are wasting the vast majority of our fertile soils to grow hog food and energy wasting biofuels like ethanol.

How bad is it?

Terrible actually – “The proportions are even more striking in the United States, where just 27 percent of crop calories are consumed directly — wheat, for example, or fruits and vegetables grown in California. By contrast, more than 67 percent of crops — particularly all the soy grown in the Midwest — goes to animal feed. And a portion of the rest goes to ethanol and other biofuels.”

Thats right – less than a third of our available arable land is currently being used to grow actual food that we actually eat – even when we include products that are only marginally considered food, like corn syrup. The consumption of meat makes this sad statistic even worse…

“Though many of us consume meat, dairy, and eggs from animals raised on feedlots, only a fraction of the calories in feed given to livestock make their way into the meat and milk that we consume. For every 100 calories of grain we feed animals, we get only about 40 new calories of milk, 22 calories of eggs, 12 of chicken, 10 of pork, or 3 of beef. “

Put simply, 90% of the fertilizers, fresh water, energy and time we spend producing hog food is wasted. The animals burn it off to stay warm or just trying to survive the deplorable conditions of their factory farmed existence.

By choosing to Boycott Pork you can help shift our industrialized, capitalist “food” production system away from the wasteful, polluting and diseased system we have now to a more sustainable system that respects both our planet and the life that live on it – including our own!

Please join us!