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Farm Bureau’s High Quality Lies

The Farm Bureau : High Quality Lies

Farm Bureau Lies do Real Damage

The Farm Bureau – initially a grass roots organization devoted to helping small family farms – has abandoned it’s roots and morphed into a multi-billion dollar propaganda machine.

The Farm Bureau is a corporate colossus that creates endless reams of propaganda – lying by omission, misdirection, and obfuscation at least – and just strait up lying when they are in the mood.

The Farm Bureau propaganda would be a minor source of amusement if it weren’t for the billions they spend to corrode our democracy, hold harmless the corporate polluters and infiltrate our education system from grad school to grade school.

Their lies truly are dangerous to the health of our representative democracy, our environment – even our health. In the propaganda piece the Farm Bureau released this week, their once television news reporter, now well paid spokesperson and propagandist in chief, corrals a university expert in order to extract tidbits of misinformation designed to fool consumers into thinking there is a real dietary distinction between the protein available to us through the consumption of animal parts, and that provided by plants.

Their intimations are incorrect. Again.

In truth, the only real distinction is that their animal proteins are laden with destructive saturated fats and life threatening cholesterol – hardly “high quality” food for our families.

Here is our response to their propaganda piece …

The Farm Bureau propaganda machine would have you believe that there are important differences between a diet consisting of “high quality protein” – a label they place on meat, eggs and dairy; and “low quality protein”, a label all plant based foods get stuck with.

It sounds a little ominous, doesn’t it? Who wants to stick their families with “low quality” foods? They even bring in an expert in food science to shore up their deliberate intent to deceive.

But like everything that spouts from the Farm Bureau’s Propaganda Machine the intimations here are simply not true.

It’s easy enough to understand – Once upon a time it was believed that in order for our bodies to receive the benefits that protein provides we needed to eat foods that contained all the essential amino acids – building blocks of protein. That meant eating animals (flesh) and substances that squirted out of their mammary glands (mostly milk, some pus) or dropped out of their butts – generally eggs.

Thats why, back in our grandparents day, these products came to be referred to as “high quality”. And today, the Farm Bureau would very much like to confuse consumers into thinking that they are superior to plant based foods.

But they aren’t. Since those dark ages of nutritional science we have learned that our bodies store amino acids just fine, thank you. And when we eat a varied plant based diet, all of the essential amino acids are happily available as they are needed.

In fact, when it comes to “quality” diets, plant based foods are far superior to diets heavy with animal parts, pieces and products. A study of protein in our diet published by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine states:

“Vegetable proteins, when combined to provide for all of the essential amino acids, provide an excellent source for protein considering that they will likely result in a reduction in the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol.”

So not only do the plant based diets provide us with all the essential amino acids that so called “high quality” animal parts do, they won’t kill you with heavy loads of cholesterol and saturated fats.

And thats what I would call truly “high quality”